Yoga: Bridging the gap between kidneys and their health

An introduction to wrongdoers of kidneys – Kidney diseases

As the days move ahead, the kidneys are at the central target of renal harming diseases and medical conditions. Even after being the embodiment of multi-tasking organs, kidneys can become a victim of issues that can affect the whole balance of the human body. The more complex the pathology of kidney disease is the more chances for the kidneys to move towards the phase of impairment increases.

Kidney diseases are widely becoming a leading cause of morbidity and mortality according to the current situation. Several sources are stated as the main reasons for the malfunctioning of kidneys. Therefore, the leading causes are chronic blood pressure and poorly controlled diabetes.

The fact that kidneys experience some changes in their functional order hampers the state of the human body. These bean-shaped organs serve their functional abilities in managing the essential regulatory roles in the human body. The primary function of kidneys is blood filtration, which is executed by following the order -Filter, reabsorb and eliminate.

However, your way of living and eating habits play a crucial role in determining the health of your kidneys. As diet and lifestyle have a significant influence on the kidneys. Unhealthy lifestyle and diet point in the direction of having unhealthy kidneys.

The worsening condition of the kidneys depicts how these bean-shaped organs are holding against the kidney disease that invaded their functional territory. The progressive damage becomes regressive for kidneys and leads them to the stage of malfunction, which is known as Renal failure or end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Ayurvedic kidney treatment in yoga proceeds to maintain the functioning of kidneys as it is the ancient system of natural healing that helps kidneys manage their function.

The holistic link between yoga and kidneys’ health

The interconnection between yoga and kidneys can be understood through an insight into the ancient medicinal science of Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a holistic process that helps maintain the mental, physical well-being of kidney patients. According to Ayurveda, the physical entity is an amalgamation of doshas, malas and dhatus. The tridoshas are a prominent part that helps understand the genesis of the human body. The tridoshas – Vata, pitta, and Kapha are the management of the functioning and behavior of the body. Every human body has two predominant doshas and the vitiation of doshas can result in the arrival of issues such as renal harming diseases.

Ayurveda treats these conditions using a series of treatments which are an efficient part of its natural healing system- Herbal management, natural healing therapies and a renal friendly diet and lifestyle. For a healthy lifestyle, Ayurveda recommends yoga as it is renal friendly and benefits every prospect of the human body. Yoga is the critical ingredient for Ayurveda that helps acquire good health and vitality of the kidneys. It is the passage that offers harmony between your body, mind and soul. If Ayurveda is the harmony between the human body and nature, then yoga serves as an agent that brings harmony within the body, mind and soul.

However, yoga can help enhance the health of kidneys, as the asanas and pranayamas have an effective impact on kidneys and benefit the holistic development of the human body.

According to Gautam Buddha, “every human being is the author of his own health and disease”.

If a kidney patient defies to follow the principles of kidney treatment by yoga, then he can not experience complete healing from the disease his body is fighting from.

No matter what the primary cause of kidneys’ deterioration is, once the creatinine levels touch their limits and go above them, it becomes a critical task to manage them under their normal range. Certain herbs in Ayurveda have shown effective results in decreasing the creatinine levels without influencing the sugar levels in the blood. Yoga with herbal management can be utilized as a holistic combination to treat the severity of kidney diseases.

Understanding kidney disease and their management in yoga and Ayurveda

Several renal harming properties composed of benign or severe medical conditions can take a toll on the kidneys’ functioning. Two problems that are associated with the impairment of the kidneys can get proper treatment from Ayurveda. The kidney problems are stated below:

Creatinine problem: Creatinine is a synthesized product that is spawned from the expected depletion of muscles. When we consume dietary foods consisting of meat and dairy products, the liver produces creatine, a substance that is utilized by the muscles for energy. The body uses the portion of its requirements while the rest of the portion is transformed into creatinine, a form of waste. This creatinine is then discharged into the bloodstream, and the kidneys manage it through blood filtration. If you have unhealthy kidneys, it means your kidneys are not filtering the blood as they are supposed to.

Everybody consists of some amount of creatinine in their blood, and mainly creatinine levels relies on your age, sex, body size, and the diet you follow. High creatinine occurs due to damage in the filtering units of the kidneys. However, the problem of high creatinine is challenging to manage, but the practice of yoga to reduce creatinine level is helpful for the state of the body.

Yoga asanas that manage creatinine levels are stated below:

  • The fishes pose
  • Boat pose
  • Wind relieving pose
  • Child pose

Kidney infection: Certain infections can spread in the functional territory of kidneys and can invite various health issues. As a result, the infection can meddle with the functioning of kidneys and can even progress to rest parts of the body, such as the liver.

Therefore, yoga for kidney infection is the solution for preventing the infection from interfering with the systematic functioning of kidneys. Yoga works as a detoxifying agent that helps eliminate the toxins from the body.

Even other organs like the liver can also procure healing if the infection strikes because yoga for the kidney and liver can help manage the growth rate of infection and detoxifies the organs in order to let them function as they were.

Yoga asanas for kidney infection are stated below:

  • Butterfly pose
  • Head to knee pose
  • Bow pose
  • Intense dorsal stretch
  • Rabbit pose


Yoga and Ayurveda are two holistic systems that work for the betterment of the kidneys. They help manage the function of kidneys by their natural healing capabilities.

Yoga is defined as the spiritual art, and Ayurveda is the healing art, and both of them have the same objectives: which is to heal the kidneys naturally without side effects.

Yoga mudra for kidney problems assists in managing the kidneys’ rate of functioning by boosting kidney function and strengthening your immune system. The yoga asanas are renal friendly as they regulate blood pressure levels and detoxifies the body. Therefore, yoga for kidney function improvement is the ultimate answer to combat kidney ailments without dialysis and a renal transplant.

The bottom line is that kidney treatment in Ayurveda states that Yoga for kidney problems is the passage towards natural healing for kidney diseases; one can acquire smooth functioning of kidneys without consuming drug-based medications. The natural treatment boosts the physical and mental capacity that can push you to the limit of being healthy. It helps balance the vitiated doshas responsible for the health condition and calms the disturbed srotas on the body.

Ayurveda and yoga not only treat the symptoms, but they help treat the disease from its core and enhance the mental, physical and spiritual well being of the kidney patient. The focal point is that Yoga + Ayurveda = Quality of life.

Disclaimer: The content provided on this page is for informational purposes only. It is requested that the medical advice presented on this page should not be followed without the guidance of an ayurvedic practitioner and a certified yoga expert. For further advice, you can use this helpline: +91-9821929797 number or visit www.karmaayurvedahospital.com.


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