How Can You Reduce Creatinine With The Help Of Ayurvedic Science?

Creatinine is a waste that ought to be eliminated from the body by our kidneys. Eating lots of protein may also produce creatinine to an extent. The blood filled with creatinine is transported to the kidneys for the blood filtration.

It is then passed out of the body through the urine

But on the other hand, if the kidneys are not working well, the body mechanism may allow the creatinine to stay in the bloodstream only. This is life-threatening as the blood should be toxin-free for the other organs to function properly.

In some conditions, the creatinine level may raise for an interim time period, such as doing strenuous exercises or using certain medications or a rise in the blood sugar and blood pressure level or even during thyroid disease.

The best way to reduce creatinine is to treat the underlying cause. The following conditions may result in an increased level:

  • Chronic kidney disease dehydration
  • Increased intake of protein
  • Intense workout
  • Medications

How can you reduce creatinine with the help of Ayurvedic sciences?

Ayurvedic science has helped various people in figuring out what they need to cure their disease. The herbs in nature can easily help wave off the complications related to the condition, and also they help to treat the cause of the condition.

The ayurvedic herbs by which your problem can be fixed are as follow:

  • Stinging nettle: Two spoons of dried nettle leaves can be mixed in a cup of hot water and consumed directly. You can take it twice a day to reap maximum results.
  • Cinnamon: Cinnamon is rich in a number of minerals and vitamins. The intake of cinnamon on a regular basis can boost the output of the kidneys and improve the renal’s ability to function properly. Apart from that, cinnamon also helps to reduce blood sugar levels. You can consume it as a seasoning on the food or even boil it in the water to clear waste from the blood.
  • Dandelion root: This herb can be taken in tea or boiled water. It helps to remove the toxins and waste in the blood. It is a great way to reduce creatinine with the help of ayurvedic sciences. When you boil the dandelion root in the water, allow it to settle down, strain it, and then consume it.
  • Mutrakrichantak Churna: This concoction is a well-known remedy to help improve the function of the renal. It helps soothe down the inflammation and other painful conditions that are felt by a kidney patient. Taking this herb as a diuretic will also help to pass out kidney stones, treat urinary tract infections, and is also given to a patient already taking dialysis. Take it along with water to effectively lower the urea level and creatinine levels.

Apart from that, if you had high creatinine levels because of some undergoing kidney disease, take ayurvedic medicines if you want to avert end-stage renal disease. Chronic kidney disease is a serious health condition that needs an immediate treatment approach. Further, CKD can increase the risk of high creatinine in a matter of days. So, cure it before the condition become fatal.


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