Panchkarma: A Prominent Wing of Ayurveda

The existence of Ayurveda is very old and it is a preventive and regenerative treatment. Ayurveda has provided humankind with extensive knowledge and practices which is helping them for more than 5,000 years. Certain natural healing techniques that help the human community in attaining benefits are also the gifts of Ayurveda. One such gift of Ayurveda is Panchakarma, a prominent wing of Ayurveda. Panchkarma is five steps treatment process, as per the name suggests. Panchkarma is a body cleansing technique that cleans the body in various ways. It is done in a minimum time of 2 weeks which means the internal cleaning of the human body takes 2 weeks.

The best companion of this therapy is the medicated oils that can effortlessly eliminate the impurities and toxins from the body. The Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment helps in the detoxification and rejuvenation process. The treatment of Ayurveda comprises two determinants which are the bio-cleansing therapy and pacifying therapy and panchakarma falls in the bio cleansing therapy. It helps in bringing the vitiated doshas back in balance and throwing the waste out of the body. It also assists in making the body immunity better. Among the various benefits of the process, the permanent elimination of the disease is the one.

Panchkarma cleansing process

As we have mentioned earlier, in Ayurveda, panchakarma is a five-step process that cleanses the body inside out in five major processes. By the completion of these five steps, a healthy and toxin-free body can be attained. The five processes involved in the therapy that helps in making the body clean and immunity better are Vamana, Virechana, Basti, Nasya, and Raktamokshan. This is the Ayurvedic treatment named panchakarma that helps the human in numerous ways. Now, in steps, we will study the working of these processes.

  • Vamana: The first step of the panchakarma treatment is Vamana in which the patient is provided with internal medication. By this process, one can easily vomit out the things and eliminate toxins.
  • Virechana: This is the second step of the procedure that helps in cleansing the toxins out through the bowel. The patient is provided with an Ayurvedic medicine to consume and thus the waste is naturally eliminated that purifies the body.
  • Basti: The third step of the Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment is called Basti. In this process, authentic decoctions like ghee and milk are used to eliminate waste and cure disease. The provision of the decoction is dependent upon the type of disease and the need for the cure.
  • Nasya: There are issues that can harm the head of the person. This process of panchakarma is said to be the best for it. Like every other process, this is also a cleansing technique that helps in making the cerebral area healthy and any kind of drop-in nasal in nostrils can be taken care of with this process.
  • Raktamokshan: As the name of this panchakarma process involves Rakta, it is clear that it helps in the cleansing of the blood. We all know that impurities in the blood are the major reasons that can result in any disease. Therefore, the blood can be clarified with the help of this theory.

When practiced all these steps in sequence, it helps in getting the exemplary result and improves the life quality and life expectancy of the human being. The human body is said to be unhealthy when the regular weathering of the body tissue happens. Moreover, the wrong lifestyle and eating habits also contribute to the ill-functioning of the human body. The need for panchakarma treatment arises when a human body functions in this way. There comes a need to clean the body and throw the toxins and impurities out so that the body can function well again. Any kind of carelessness in the clarification of the blood might result in the diseases.

A patient who was suffering from a kidney ailment has to say this about the panchakarma therapy- “I was looking for the best panchakarma near me as I came to know about the benefits ti could do to my ill kidneys. I undergo the process and it complimented my Ayurvedic treatment in the best possible way.” Similarly, the benefits of Panchakarma therapy are certain and believed by many such patients.”

The therapy of panchakarma helps in the elimination of the root cause of the disease and its impact is permanent and long-lasting. Therefore, it can be done in an interval of one year. The therapy takes the overall renewal into consideration and works accordingly.

How panchakarma benefits people?

The benefits of Ayurvedic treatment and processes are beyond listing as they are endless. Similarly, the benefits a person can attain from the panchakarma treatment are limitless. Some of them are given below.

  • The first and the most important benefit is that the panchakarma therapy helps in the pacification of vitiated doshas. As Ayurveda says, any disease is the result of imbalance that comes to the doshas and hence it can be sorted by bringing the balance back.
  • The Ayurvedic panchakarma treatment helps in the purification of the body as well as the soul. It helps in the purification of the mind, body, and soul by getting rid of the impurities.
  • It is said to be the root of the healthy well-being of the person. The therapy helps a human in attaining a stress-free body.

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