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I recently came across a kidney patient suffering from a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) that later affected his kidneys, thereby resulting in a Kidney Infection. After discussing everything with the patient for a few hours, I got to know that somehow he was responsible for his condition. Moreover, taking the wrong treatment at the wrong time deteriorated his case further.

After listening to his ordeal, I learned that he just felt a slight burning sensation while urinating at first. He thought it to be because of indigestion as this sensation did not last long. However, the next day, he experienced the same situation again, and this time, he felt as he would throw up (vomit). This time he got a little worried.

To get an instant solution, he went to a nearby physician and got some medicines. Those medicines worked well on all the symptoms, and he got rid of them in just a few minutes. But, what happened later was worrying.

The severity of His Condition

The next day, when he woke up, he walked to the bathroom, as per his daily routine. However, this time he was not feeling good. It seemed like some blockage in his Urinary Tract prevented him from passing out the Urine. Upon exerting some force, he noticed chunks of a white substance along with some red compound, which he took for Blood.

Soon after looking at the Urine, he rushed to the doctor and told him all these things. The doctor advised him to visit a Nephrologist as his condition was indicating kidney disease. Upon consulting a nephrologist, he was advised for a Urine Test. The same day he got this test done. When the reports came, they pointed towards something he had never expected.

Blood and Pus in Urine

After analyzing the reports, the doctor diagnosed him with a Kidney Infection or an acute case of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). The traces of white chunks came out as Pus, and the red compound was the presence of red blood cells in Urine. It clearly indicated that he was suffering from a Kidney Infection. The patient was already in so much trouble. Despite this fact, the doctor made him more afraid by telling him that he might need to go through kidney dialysis.

All these things made him tensed one after another that also became a cause for depression. However, things came under control after two months when he met his long lost school friend.

Meeting That He Will Cherish For the Rest of His Life

He had a school friend who used to be among his closest buddies. But because of career, all of them got separated. However, one day while the patient was heading towards the doctor’s clinic for a routine checkup, he happened to saw his friend talking to someone on the street. As soon as they saw each other, they quickly recognized their long lost friends and were so happy. But after looking at the condition, the patient’s friend consoled him but also said something that shocked the patient. The friend angrily cursed the patient for taking the wrong treatment. He soon gave a number to the patient who was of an Ayurvedic organization.

After taking an Ayurvedic medicine for Kidney Infection, he soon realized that he himself was the reason behind his ill health. It has been two months since the patient started taking Ayurvedic treatment for kidney infection; he is completely fine and is suffering from no symptoms.

Endless Curiosity

After listening to this story from the patient’s mouth itself, I became curious to know how Ayurveda helped heal the patient. Because of it, I did some research on Kidney Infection and the benefits of using Ayurvedic treatment for kidney diseases.

A Brief Introduction to Kidney Infection

Though you must have understood the concept of Kidney Infection, let me explain it in a much better way. Kidney Infection can be referred to as a type of Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). As the name suggests, the infection begins developing in your Urethra or Bladder. If it is not controlled in its initial stages, it quickly spreads to your kidneys, resulting in a severe Kidney infection case.

As you must have noticed in the above example of Kidney Infection patient, here are some of the most common symptoms:

  • Nausea
  • Chills
  • Vomit
  • Fever
  • Blockage in Urethra
  • Foamy Urine (read more about foamy urine)
  • Smelly Urine
  • Burning sensation while urinating
  • Blood in Urine
  • Pain in the abdomen region, etc.

What Leads To Kidney Infection?

While researching on this topic, I found out that there could be various causes leading to Kidney Infection. However, the most common among them is the Bacteria that enter through the Urinary Tract and spreads in one or both kidneys. It could spread through your Bloodstream or during sexual intercourse with the partner.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Kidney Infection

Ayurveda suggests the use of Ayurvedic medicines for Kidney Infection, and certain dietary changes get maximum relief from the problem in a very short time. Here are some of the dietary and lifestyle changes a patient is advised under Ayurvedic treatment for Kidney Infection:

  • Drinking an adequate amount of water
  • Avoiding cold and sugar drinks
  • Avoiding consumption of alcohol and smoking
  • Adding plant-fibre foods to the diet
  • Avoiding foods with animal-fibre
  • Practising yoga daily
  • Cleaning and maintaining the genital area, and many more.

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