Limited Exercises can help in Treating Creatinine

Fitness at this time is a want and need for everyone. And burning that extra fat in the gym is the easiest option. Once a person hits the gym, they start taking other different supplements to contribute to building a bigger and bulkier body.

While you are busy making those muscles heavier, there are many changes that go inside the body. The supplements for building muscles are filled with protein and creatinine, which is found in plant-based products or meat and other non-veg products. While these products may not harm the body in the earlier days of its consumption, reducing the intake of water and other healthy liquids in the diet can be dangerous for the whole body.

Taking supplements without any prescription can end up building high creatinine in the body, which is harmful to all the organs and normal function of the body. It produces an extra amount of creatinine in the body, which is unnecessary and needs a creatinine treatment in Ayurveda to reduce the levels to normal. Creatinine is a by-product produced by creatine, which is used to provide strength to the body and helps in better working of the muscle. Creatinine is a waste product that is always present in the body but a limited amount.

This waste is usually excreted by the kidneys and is balanced completely. But if there is an increase in the production of creatinine, there are chances of having kidney failure or serious kidney disease. Also, high levels of creatinine impact the normal functioning of the liver. The work of both kidneys and liver are interconnected. They help in removing toxins from the body. And high levels of creatinine make it difficult for the working of the body, and the blood is filled with waste material, making it impure and even leading to serious heart diseases.

Points to remember while exercising-

Heavy workout sessions can go wrong if you are not following these tips; always look out for these points before adding any protein-rich powder in the diet-

  • It is important to take these supplements only after you have consulted with a doctor and health expert.
  • Take only the prescribed amount of health supplements.
  • Avoid taking unnatural forms of protein and creatinine. If the body requires more protein, dietary changes can be beneficial.
  • Drink the right amount of water, especially at the time of exercising; you may sweat more than usual.
  • At Least 4 liters of water is recommended for anyone doing exercise regularly.
  • Lifting heavy weights and machines can tear the muscles, so try not to expand the limits.
  • If you are having any kidney-related issues, do not go to the gym or take any supplements for building muscles.
  • At the time of any liver disease or other health issues, physical exercises of high intensity must be avoided.

Impact of creatinine on kidneys

With the change of creatinine levels in the body, there are high chances of developing kidney disease or renal failure. Kidneys filter the blood present in the body and separate the wastes like creatinine and uric acid from the body, which is finally excreted through the way of urine, keeping the body healthy and toxins free. But having a high amount of creatinine present in the body can influence the work of the kidneys.

If the level of creatinine is not reduced from the blood or is taken in the way of supplements. It directly affects the kidneys resulting in acute kidney failure or the long term into chronic kidney disease.

Both the conditions require immediate medical attention of creatinine treatment in Ayurveda. They have some natural ways of reducing the creatinine from the body and work on the revival of the kidneys with the help of ayurvedic treatment and medicines.

Ayurvedic treatment for creatinine

Getting a high amount of creatinine in the body at the time of blood test points towards some serious health issues that must not be ignored. Some natural remedies by Creatinine treatment in Ayurveda work on treating the high levels of creatinine without imposing any further damage or side effect on the body.

  1. Give up on smoking right now. Smoke from cigarettes and a cigar are very dangerous and slowly work on damaging the immunity of the body. So that body is unable to heal by itself.
  2. Do not drink alcohol in any amount. Just like smoking, drinking alcohol is harmful to the body, also hiking up the level of creatinine in the body.
  3. Try not to lift weight and do strenuous exercises. A simple morning walk, cycling or even swimming for 20 to 30 minutes a day is fine for the body. But heavy weight lifting contributes to higher creatinine levels.
  4. Know the correct amount of water to drink. Healthy fluids like green tea, hibiscus tea, fresh juices, and water help in reducing creatinine levels naturally. And can easily flush out the toxins from body.
  5. A good ayurvedic treatment and healthy diet is the key to reduce creatinine naturally.

Disclaimer:- If you are a kidney patient, do not make any diet or routine changes without consulting a kidney specialist. For that, you can consult our dietician. We help design a renal diet specific to an individual needs. For appointments, use this helpline: +91-9821929797 number or visit www.karmaayurvedahospital.com.


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