The Body Gives this Signal Before Kidney Failure

We all clean our house daily so that our house always looks clean and we stay away from many diseases. We use a lot of items to clean our house, which includes a broom, mop, dusting, etc. But do you know that the way we clean our house, we also have to clean our bodies the same way? You will have the answer to this question if we do not clean our bodies daily, then we do it.

But we are telling you all about the internal cleansing of your body. Now some people must be thinking about how to clean the inside? So do not worry; there are two kidneys present inside to cleanse your body, which removes all the non-essential elements, waste products, and other harmful chemical elements from the body through urine.

The kidney continues its work all the time because it does not like dirt. But many times, the kidney gets damaged due to some of our bad habits, during which it cannot do its cleaning work. Kidney problems can happen to any person at any time in today’s time, due to which the issue of kidney failure will be common.

It is not easy to diagnose kidney disease because there are no kidney problem symptoms. Some signs are visible as kidney disease becomes severe or the kidneys stop or reduce the number of toxic products growing in the body. Kidney failure can be detected by identifying these symptoms, explained in detail below.

Find out about kidney failure by these signs:-

The following symptoms or signs appear in kidney failure, which can be quickly identified by getting rid of this serious disease:-

Continuously increasing diabetes level – Just as high blood pressure is the biggest cause of kidney failure, in the same way, diabetes is also one of the most important reasons for kidney failure. If the patient’s kidney has been damaged due to diabetes, its level can increase significantly during that time, which is very difficult to control. But if your kidney has not been damaged due to diabetes, then your chances of getting this problem during this time are negligible.

Burning while urinating – Many times, there is a burning problem after eating too much spicy food, drinking less water, or drinking alcohol and beer. But if you have severe pain and burning in the urinary tract while urinating for no reason, it is a clear sign of urinary infection and kidney failure. Let us tell you that if urine infection is not controlled, then your kidney can get damaged quickly.

  • Abdominal pain:

The patient may have sudden or prolonged stomach pain due to kidney failure. The patient feels pain on the right or left side during this, which can be unbearable or less. This is a big sign of kidney failure, but the pain in the kidney is almost the most when there is a stone. Let us tell you that although this pain occurs in the abdomen, this pain is felt towards the waist because the kidney is on the side of the core.

  • Sudden fainting:

If a person suddenly starts fainting without any disease and until now the symptoms mentioned above are also visible, it is a clear sign of kidney failure. This condition is considered to be the most serious condition of kidney failure. It is very difficult to repair the kidney at this time. Note: Sudden fainting can also occur due to physical weakness.

  • Swelling in the body:

If swelling occurs in your body without any problem and remains for a long time, then this problem is not common. This is a clear sign of kidney failure. In case of kidney failure, swelling is seen below the waist, in the legs, abdomen, and hands.

  • Protein in urine:

If protein starts coming into the urine, it indicates kidney failure. In this case, urine color may change, such as yellow and dark orange. Apart from this, thick or foamy urine also comes. (read more about proteinuria)

  • Loss of appetite:

the chemical balance in the body gets disturbed, and due to vomiting many times throughout the day, the patient does not feel hungry. The problem of loss of appetite can be due to many other reasons.

  • Swelling in the body:

Swelling in the body is considered the biggest sign of kidney failure. During this, the level of urea and the level of liquid products increases significantly, as the kidneys cannot remove them from the body, due to which swelling occurs in many parts of the body. Kidney failure often causes swelling in the waist, around the eyes, and especially in the legs, especially due to increased uric acid.

  • High blood pressure:

High bp is becoming a common problem in the present time, but if it is not under control, it can face serious consequences. Kidney failure is the most serious. While high blood pressure is a cause of kidney failure, on the other hand, it is also a sign of kidney failure. ,If a person’s blood pressure does not come under control even after taking all the measures, it can be a sign of kidney failure.

  • Odor in urine:

Usually, if you hold urine for a long time or take certain medicines, there may be a bad smell in your urine. But if you have the problem of a foul smell in urine without any reason, your kidney is not working properly. If you have such a problem, you should immediately talk to the doctor about it.


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