Why Is Ayurveda Enjoying Such Hype These Days?

Ayurveda and Kidneys have companions whom no one can separate. With Ayurvedic Medicine used for kidney disease, it is possible to cure all kinds of kidney diseases. Kidneys are vital organs in human anatomy. From filtering out blood from all kinds of toxins and waste compounds to maintaining water and other fluid levels, kidneys play an essential role in keeping our bodies healthy.

However, with the advent of modernization, mainly youngsters are becoming prone to various kidney problems. The problem has risen so much that most of these patients are suffering from life-threatening kidney diseases. Even if we forget about adults, infants these days suffer from kidney problems that they got from their biological parents during birth.

Data also suggests that millions of people worldwide are suffering from one or the other kidney disease. The main reason behind this surge in kidney patients is their poor diet and unhealthy lifestyle. People who eat junk food, do not sleep for a sufficient number of hours, do not exercise, and live in poor hygiene are prone to kidney problems. However, with Ayurveda and Ayurvedic methods, it has become possible to treat all kinds of kidney diseases from their root level.

Before getting into how Ayurveda helps, let us understand some of the most common kidney diseases a patient suffers.

Common Kidney Diseases

  • Kidney Stones: Our kidneys consist of tine blood vessels that carry blood to the kidneys. Once the blood reaches these blood vessels, filters inside these blood vessels filter the blood from all kinds of toxins and waste compounds that might harm our body. But there are cases when the kidneys stop performing their filtration function, or the blood vessels get damaged. In that case, Kidneys cannot remove these waste compounds from the body, and they start accumulating inside the kidneys, resulting in Kidney Stones.
  • Proteinuria: Many people have a habit of eating food products that are rich in protein. Eating protein-rich food items are essential for the body, but if you consume excessive amounts of proteins, the affected kidneys might not be able to remove the excess amounts of protein. In that case, you will witness a foamy texture of urine while peeing. If the urine has a foam or foamy substance, it indicated that you are suffering from Proteinuria. (Read more about proteinuria)
  • Hematuria: In this condition, patients can see blood in their urine. If you witness blood in the urine, it means that either the blood vessels are ruptured, or the kidneys are damaged. Though it is not possible to identify blood in the initial stages, you will start seeing blood every time you go for pee if the situation grows. Hematuria is caused by High Blood pressure, Diabetes, and other diseases that harm the kidneys directly.
  • Kidney Failure: When a person has a history of problems like High Blood Pressure, Hematuria, Diabetes, etc., and if these problems are left unnoticed, they might result in permanent kidney damage, also known as kidney failure. Patients suffering from kidney failure are advised for Kidney Dialysis or Kidney transplant. However, by using Ayurvedic Medicine for Kidney Disease, it is possible to cure kidney failure problems by using only natural methods.

These are some of the most common kidney diseases in patients. They are suffering from. However, kidney diseases are divided into two parts. They are:

  • Acute Kidney Disease: it is a group of those kidney diseases that occur for a short period of time and are curable to an extent. These diseases do not result in kidney failure if treatment is provided in the early stages. (Read more about acute kidney disease)
  • Chronic Kidney Disease: Problems like Kidney Failure usually last throughout life since they are severe and life-threatening. These are long-term problems and often required strong medications for treatment. However, Ayurveda prohibits the use of drugs and procedures like kidney transplants. Ayurvedic experts use methods that can even treat CKD naturally. (Read more about chronic kidney disease)

How Ayurveda helps!

Ayurveda is a branch of medical science that does not believe in using drugs or complicated procedures to treat kidney diseases. Ayurvedic treatment for kidney diseases does not limit to medicines. Though the medicines are made from rare herbs and plants with medicinal qualities, Ayurveda also focuses on improving the complete well-being of an individual by bringing some major changes in lifestyle and diet.

This is the only reason why doctors and kidney patients worldwide are happily accepting Ayurvedic treatment to get the best cure for their kidney problems.

Disclaimer: The purpose of the content on this page is not to substitute any professional medical advice but to only provide information to the reader. If the reader is a kidney patient, we recommend not making any diet or routine changes without consulting his/her doctor or dietitian. For further advice, you can use this helpline: +91-9821929797 number or visit www.karmaayurvedahospital.com.


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