Are Bananas Bad for the Kidneys?

A deep introduction to Bananas as a dietary option

Bananas are not foes to the kidneys except if the kidneys are impaired. Impaired kidneys develop potassium in the blood, bringing about severe heart issues. Potassium is found in bananas and other fruits grown from the ground (like potatoes, avocados, and melons). Individuals with advanced kidney sickness are normally encouraged to keep away from certain soil products, including bananas. Aside from this, bananas are safe and beneficial for the system of our body.

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Banana is an effectively accessible, reasonable, and flexible organic fruit. It’s not difficult to devour and can be eaten in a hurry. Bananas can be consumed in various ways. A ripe banana can be eaten with no guarantees, dunked in peanut butter or fruit purée, or made into a smoothie with different nuts and organic products. A few sweet and exquisite dishes can likewise be made utilizing bananas. Bananas can be devoured at whatever stage in life, directly from a half-year-old enough.

Bananas are low in fat. A regular-sized banana contains around 105 calories, and its greater part comes from the carbohydrates in the fruit, including the natural sugars. Bananas are a rich wellspring of fiber and a good source of fundamental nutrients and minerals. Bananas have higher calories contrasted with some different fruits, like berries. In this way, bananas are viewed as awful for weight reduction. A proper eating regimen is regularly expected to incorporate three to five servings of fruits consistently.

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Consequently, bananas can be joined into a healthy diet, regardless of whether the objective is to shed pounds. Bananas are exceptionally nutritious, moderately filling and make a healthy snack or dessert. Devouring various bananas daily can keep one from eating different food varieties. Accordingly, it might deny one from getting other proteins and nutrients (bananas are low in proteins). If such a large number of bananas are consumed, it can eat a bigger number of calories than the body requires, resulting in undesirable weight gain. Since bananas are profoundly nutritious, eating one to two bananas daily is ideal for fusing as a feature of a healthy eating regimen.

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Are bananas renal friendly or not?

Potassium is a complex issue when it comes to kidney wellbeing.

For the vast majority, an eating regimen high in potassium can assist control with blood pressure and forestall kidney disease. Indeed, even for the vast majority with kidney disease, a high potassium diet can help hold with blooding tension under tight restraints and forestall further harm to the kidneys.

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The perfect measure of potassium for you is reliant upon your health reports. Ask your primary care physician or see a dietitian sort out how much potassium is ideal for you! Recollect that, regardless of whether you need to restrict how much potassium you eat, foods grown from the ground are a basic piece of a healthy eating routine for kidneys. For some individuals, zeroing in on decreasing potassium added substances regularly found in meat, poultry, and processed foods is generally essential to reduce potassium admission.

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Kidney wellbeing isn’t an easy task.

And keeping in mind that bananas (and other potassium-rich food sources) can benefit and support your general wellbeing, kidney functions and lessen the danger of kidney stones arrangement, they may not be healthy for individuals with advanced stage of CKD. For individuals with CKD who have high potassium levels, high potassium food sources might bring extreme health problems.

Thus, checking your potassium blood levels and following your medical services supplier’s advice and dietary suggestions or clinical dietitian is essential for supporting your kidney wellbeing. Kidney treatment in Ayurveda suggests that having a diet that is renal friendly and comprises fruits and vegetables that work towards the betterment of the kidneys can help better the body’s condition. Ayurveda states that having a healthy diet and lifestyle can help get peace in the body’s three elements: mind, body, and soul. The bottom line is that kidney patients can not consume banana as it is a potassium-rich fruit, which can hamper the already damaged kidneys.

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Disclaimer: This information given on this page is intended for information purposes only. It should not be taken as a substitute for professional medical advice without consulting any medical practitioner.


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