Can Acute Kidney Failure be healed?

Most people have severe complications after returning home from the hospital, especially those admitted to the hospital’s Intensive Care Unit (ICUs). Since you are admitted to the hospital’s ICU, it means you have any severe health issues. In order to cure such conditions, your doctor utilizes several life-saving medications and drugs that may be harmful to your kidneys and other body organs. Mainly, kidneys are affected in ICUs, and mostly it is seen that patients admitted in ICU have higher chances of getting acute kidney failure. In this medical condition, your kidneys stop working entirely or do not work well. The relief is that this medical condition can be reversed, and kidney function can be restored with the proper treatment if taken timely. Kidney treatment in Ayurveda can reverse this problem naturally, and it’s the best treatment for kidney diseases.

What complications do you see in acute kidney failure?

Acute kidney failure can cause several complications, which are;

  • Fluid buildup- Acute kidney failure can cause an accumulation of fluid in your body. If the fluid buildups in your lungs, the patients may experience breath shortness.
  • Pain in the chest- Patients may get chest pain if the lining covering their heart gets inflamed.
  • Acidic blood- If your blood has too much acid due to acute kidney failure, one may get nausea, vomiting, drowsiness and breathlessness, etc.
  • Muscle weakness- When your body’s fluid and electrolytes are imbalanced, your muscle may get weak. In some cases, it can lead to paralysis and heart rhythm problems.
  • Permanent kidney damage- Acute kidney failure can progress to chronic kidney disease, which means your kidneys stop working and restoration of kidney health is not possible. However, the patients may survive on dialysis, and they are further asked to find a donor or healthy kidney for transplantation.
  • Death- Acute kidney failure may turn worse and can cause a patient to lose his life.

Acute kidney disease requires early detection and timely treatment to tackle the condition and fight its complications.

How can you prevent acute kidney failure?

By taking care of some things, you can reduce the risk of acute kidney failure. Those are;

Avoid or limit taking over-the-counter medications: If you take NSAID medication like Aspirin, Ibuprofen, and other pain-relieving medications such as acetaminophen, try limiting them or stopping taking them. If you take these medicines, it can increase your chances of getting acute kidney failure.

Follow your doctor’s advice- If you have a higher risk of getting acute kidney failure due to any existing kidney disease or other medical condition, don’t neglect any of your doctor’s advice as it will help you manage your kidney and overall health.

Follow a healthy lifestyle: People who exercise, eat right, and avoid habits like smoking and drinking can lower the chances of developing acute kidney failure.

Lifestyle and home remedies

In acute kidney disease treatment, your nephrologist also suggests to follow a specific diet or make some diet related changes. At this health phase, diet plays a crucial role along with the best treatment. Therefore, the patients need to watch their diet and also make some changes in their lifestyle. Analyzing your reports and health complications, your doctor or dietician may suggest you to;

  • Intake lower potassium foods- The acute kidney failure patients are asked to choose foods low in potassium. The foods rich in potassium are bananas, oranges, tomatoes, spinach and potatoes, etc. Low potassium foods include apples, peppers, cauliflower, grapes and strawberries, etc.
  • Limit your salt intake- You should try to lower your sodium intake by reducing your salt use while preparing foods. Apart from that, you should also avoid products with added salts that mainly include convenience foods like frozen dinners, canned soups, and other outside foods.
  • Limit your phosphorus use- Phosphorous is a mineral that comes from the food we eat, primarily from whole-grain bread, dark-colored colas, nuts and peanut butter, etc. Having a high amount of phosphorus in your blood can weaken your bones and cause skin irritation. Your dietician can help know the amount of phosphorus suitable for you.

In the condition of kidney health recovery, your doctor suggests following a suitable diet as per your kidney health. And you should stick to your diet plan as it can contribute to your kidney health betterment. However, kidney treatment in Ayurveda can help restore kidney function if you get this kidney disease.

What’s the best treatment for acute kidney injury?

The main point of acute kidney injury treatment is treating its underlying cause and complications. Mainly, acute kidney failure treatment involves identifying the deep causes of the disease and then preparing a treatment plan.

Firstly, dialysis is used to clear the wastes from the blood to help kidneys recover well. Apart from that, your Allopathic practitioner or kidney doctor also suggests you follow some medications and other treatment methods. Eventually, your kidney doctor may suggest a kidney transplant to manage kidney problems.

It’s the modern treatment method to manage acute kidney injury, but it can’t provide a permanent cure. However, if you go for the best acute kidney injury treatment in Ayurveda, it can provide the best cure.

Ayurveda is the oldest healing method that acts upon deep causes of the disease to offer permanent relief to patients. This holistic treatment approach mainly applies ancient therapies, herbal medications, diet and some Yoga stances. Such treatment works on the root of the disease and causes permanent relief. Since this treatment uses only herbal medications, natural therapies, and lifestyle changes, it has no side effects. The main thing is, this treatment provides permanent relief.

Choose the best acute kidney injury treatment in Ayurveda if you want to prevent further kidney damage.


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