Fibroadenoma and its Ayurvedic Treatment

Breast diseases are now familiar among women that can increase the stress and decrease the life quality of the diagnosed women. Such women fall under the elevated risk of breast cancer. Here, we will talk about fibroadenoma, its type, diagnosis, and the fibroadenoma treatment in Ayurveda.

Fibroadenoma: Definition and fundamentals

Fibroadenoma is breast tumors that are benign and common among women. These tumors are said to be formed of stromal tissue as well as glandular tissue. The word fibroadenoma contains two words, fibroma and adenoma, in which a tumor formed out of fibrous tissue stands for fibroma, and adenoma is a tumor of gland tissue. It can grow big or could shrink or may disappear. Women in their 20s and 30s are likely to experience the condition of fibroadenomas, and the risk is also said to be at its peak in this age. However, it can be present in women regardless of their age. A fall in the risk can be seen after the 30s and drops sharply when women are in menopause.

The average growing size of fibroadenoma is 2.5 cm (diameter), and fibroadenoma of size 5cm or larger is considered a giant fibroadenoma. Women may also get it when they are pregnant or are breastfeeding. During pregnancy, the high estrogen level results in bigger fibroadenoma, which becomes smaller during menopause. Moreover, the issues run in the family. A fibroadenoma is of oval or round shape and gives a rubber-like feel. It is benign and free from any pain; when touched, it moves smoothly. There could be some fibroadenomas that cannot be felt because of their minimal size. It can be one or many in numbers. It often feels like marble and has clear-cut edges.

Reportedly, fibroadenoma shares many determinants of risk with breast cancer. Hence, to prevent such mishappening Ayurvedic treatment for fibroadenoma is taken into consideration. Ayurveda causes no contradiction and prevents the loss in the safest ways. Later in this blog, we will discuss the process of Ayurveda with which the condition of fibroadenoma can be treated, and any risk associated with the condition can be kept at bay.

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Fibroadenoma: Types, diagnosis, and risks

Fibroadenoma can be classified into four categories, simple fibroadenoma, complex fibroadenoma, giant fibroadenoma, and juvenile fibroadenoma. Simple fibroadenoma is smaller in size, generally 1-3 cm, and under microscopic observation, they seem the same all over. There is no risk of breast cancer associated with simple fibroadenoma. On the other hand, under microscopic observation, complex fibroadenoma seems to have varied cell features, and they can elevate the risk of breast cancer. Keeping the fibroadenoma’s size in mind, the tumor can be referred to as a giant when they develop bigger than 5cm. Juvenile fibroadenoma is those that can be found in girls in their teenage.

As far as the cause of fibroadenoma is concerned, it is said to be the result of elevated sensitivity in the hormone estrogen. The condition can be diagnosed with the help of imaging tests such as ultrasound and mammogram. Moreover, biopsy tells the accurate results and helps determine if there is fibroadenoma or some other issue with the breast. In allopathic treatment, it is suggested to remove fibroadenoma with surgical processes when it comes to the treatment. However, sometimes it gets shrink on its own.

There are many issues associated with the surgery of fibroadenoma. It might remove some of the normal breast tissue in the surrounding that may leave breasts scarred and can also result in changed texture and shape. Moreover, in the future, there are chances of getting mammograms hard enough to read. Sometimes, women might get fibroadenoma back after removal. This phenomenon indicates the formation of the new one. In order to prevent all these aftermaths from occurring, the natural fibroadenoma treatment in Ayurveda is used. It is crucial for every woman who has fibroadenoma to undergo breast examination to be kept in check regularly.

Now let us read how Ayurvedic treatment for fibroadenoma can help in the prevention.

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Fibroadenoma: Ayurveda at the rescue

We live in an era where there is a massive awareness about the breast’s health. In women, breast cancer is the second-highest reason that causes deaths. As mentioned above, the complex fibroadenoma can result in cancer. Therefore, we must keep an eye on the breast’s health. When we fail at this endeavor, Ayurveda can be a great help for us. Ayurvedic treatment for fibroadenoma helps in reinstating the balance of dosha and attains the breast’s optimal health.

In Ayurveda, the breast is made up of Meda dhatu or the fatty tissue, lymphatic drainage, and glandular tissue. It is considered that vitiation in the dosha results in the abnormal development of the cells called Granthi, and the Granthi present inside the breast is known as Mansaja Granthi. The characteristics of Mansaja Granthi are very similar to fibroadenoma that can be healed with the Ayurvedic treatment.

The herbal medicines like Chandraprabha Vati, Kanchanar Guggul, and Aampachak Vati can help treat all the symptoms of the condition. The size of the lump can be effectively reduced with it. There can be a possible 80% reversion of the fibroadenoma with the herbal medicines. These medicines are hoarded with necessary properties such as anti-cancerous, anti-oxidant, and anti-tumor that can pacify the vitiated doshas and relieve symptoms.

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