Is it Possible to Reduce Creatinine Levels in Blood?

Let’s understand what is Creatinine?

The result of routine muscle wear and tear in the body leads to the production of a chemical compound known as creatinine. Generally, it passes through the bloodstream, is filtered through the kidneys, and excreted from the body through urine.

Creatinine is a waste product and it can be used to measure the working of your kidneys. Creatinine level in your blood indicates your overall kidney function.

If this chemical compound rises above its normal range it can be indicative of kidney disease. This is because improper kidney function results in increased creatinine levels as the kidneys are not able to filter it out from the body effectively.

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Now, we will further know whether Is it possible to reduce creatinine levels in Blood?

In case you have high Creatinine, your doctor will suggest the best course of treatment to address the cause of kidney disease. You can also opt for Ayurvedic kidney treatment.

Diet is an important factor in managing high creatinine levels. However, in allopathic treatment, the doctors usually suggest dialysis or kidney transplant if the situation gets worse. Ayurvedic treatment for high creatinine comprises a balanced diet, yoga, lifestyle changes, and meditation.

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The goal of a balanced diet with high creatinine patients are:

  1. A proper diet decreases the workload of kidneys.
  2. To keep potassium and phosphorus in a normal range.
  3. To cater to the daily needs of the patients without making them weak.

How high Creatinine ranges have an effect on our kidneys?

A high creatinine level signifies rotten kidney function or kidney disorder. A high creatinine level means that your kidneys aren’t running correctly. Creatinine ranges that reach 2.0 or more in infants and 5.0 or more in adults can also allude to extreme kidney impairment. Men commonly have higher creatinine levels than women because of muscle mass.

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Normal creatinine levels:-

An ordinary level of creatinine relies upon how much muscle mass you’ve got

  • For male – 0.9 to 1.3 mg/dL
  • For female – 0.6 to 1.1 mg/dL
  • For youngsters ages 3 to 18 years – 0.5 to 1.0 mg/dL
  • For children below age 3 – 0.3 to 0.7 mg/dL

Ways to lower creatinine levels:-

  1. Stop the formation of creatinine levels inside the blood.
  2. Excrete it out through urine.

What food must be avoided in high creatinine?

Following are the foods that should be restrained or avoided when creatinine is too high.

  • High sodium foods

A man or woman suffering from CKD or who has excessive stages of creatinine needs to restrict his/her intake of ingredients that are excessive of their sodium content, as your kidneys are responsible to excrete all the extra consumed sodium.

Hence, to avoid extra load at the kidneys, it’s crucial to moderate your salt intake and prefer food items that are low in sodium.

Foods which can be packaged like processed meat, cheese, chips, butter, fast meals, pickles, papad, bakery, and chat are normally excessive in sodium.

Eating an excessive amount of salty meals additionally increases thirst. This leads to fluid retention and swelling. In intense conditions, this may be life-threatening if the extra fluid enters the lungs.

  • High potassium meals

Potassium is a crucial mineral this is accountable to maintain electrolyte stability inside the body. However, when someone has CKD or has excessive creatinine levels, it means the kidneys aren’t functioning well.

This results in the accumulation of potassium levels inside the blood, which could be dangerous as it is able to disturb the right functioning of the heart.

Potassium is found normally in vegetables and fruits like apricots, raisins, potatoes, pumpkin, avocados, meat, banana, oranges, etc. It is vital to restrict these foods to a minimum to avoid putting any greater load on the kidneys.

  • High phosphorus meals

Phosphorus is also an important mineral that would get amassed within the blood when a person is affected by a kidney ailment like CKD.

When phosphorus gets too high within the blood, calcium may get leached from the bones and gets accumulated in the blood vessels which can lead to bone sicknesses and blockages in blood vessels.

Foods that are wealthy in phosphorus include seafood, red meat, red meat, dairy products, soy products, and carbonated beverages.

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  • High protein foods

When the kidneys aren’t functioning properly, it is unable to excrete out the byproducts which might be produced from the breakdown of foods.

For a person with healthy kidneys, it isn’t always a problem. However, for a person with a kidney disorder like CKD, it’d make the kidneys work more difficult to excrete out the waste products produced by these high-protein meals.

Therefore, it’s miles crucial to alter the intake of protein and not consume meals that are excessive in protein content and preserve mild protein consumption.

Protein should be moderated and not eliminated. Most Indian patients don’t need to limit protein at all as the protein content in the Indian diet is low.

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As mentioned above, diet plays a crucial role while treating kidney disease. When someone is suffering from a kidney disease like Chronic Kidney disease, kidneys do not excrete waste products as they excrete before.

Hence, it becomes very important to take care of your kidneys by managing your diet and focusing more on yoga and exercises accordingly. You can choose Ayurvedic treatment to get a cure for any kidney disease.


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