Can kidneys be healed by Ayurveda and meditation?

When the kidneys become unhealthy and ill, people are advised not to put extra pressure on the organ. But not doing anything for physical health might harm the body in other ways. Therefore, in such a condition doing yoga could be a very good option for those who are suffering from kidney disease. Yoga can be defined as the ancient traditional science which is inclusive of yogic breathing practices, physical poses, meditation, and techniques to relax. Yoga is accepted all around the world as science and not as any philosophy or religion. Yoga cures all the five dimensions of an individual such as physical body, psychic body, vital body, intellectual body, and causal body. The human body meets ailment when there comes any disturbance in these dimensions. With the help of its techniques yoga tries to bring back these dimensions to the right level to support a healthy life.

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Yoga is not meant for everyone as it depends upon the physical health of the human. This is why it is significant to talk about the right yoga postures from the doctors. Kidney treatment by yoga is a well-proven cure and the results are miraculous. While battling the kidney disease it is normal for the person to get stressed and suffer other physical issues for which yoga can be a great help. Yoga helps in making the immune of a person strong and relieves stress. It is one such trick that supports kidneys. Yoga is one of the best physical treatments and it is said that the prompt cure is possible with Ayurvedic kidney treatment with yoga. Practicing yoga does not only alter the overall health of the person but also improves life quality. Some of the basic benefits of yoga can be penned down as:

  • Yoga supports the functioning ability of the kidneys and restores the loss.
  • Yoga helps in the reduction of risk of kidney cancer.
  • By combining the physical and spiritual elements, yoga restores and revitalizes the human mind.
  • Some poses of yoga slow the progressing rate of kidney disease.
  • The cleansing techniques of yoga help in supporting internal organs and remove the toxins out of the body.
  • Twist and backbends in yoga give massage to the kidneys.
  • Ayurvedic kidney treatment with yoga enables efficient functions.
  • Kidney treatment by yoga includes poses that help in the betterment of the nervous system.
  • With the regular practice of Asanas and Pranayama, one can control the blood pressure and reduce the risk of CKD.
  • Yoga helps in the reduction of heart rate and basal metabolic rate.

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Kidney disease and risk factors

Kidney diseases have become a global threat with time that results in kidney failure, premature deaths, and cardiovascular issues. Kidney diseases have the tendency to affect the health of the patient badly, put a bad impact on the quality of life, put limitations on the life span of a person, and ascend the economic burden. When it comes to the causes of kidney diseases; diabetes, hypertension, and glomerulonephritis are the major reasons. There are some risk factors of kidney disease such as oxidative stress, chronic inflammation, sympathetic tone, and psychological stress that can be pacified by Ayurvedic kidney treatment with yoga.

Oxidative stress is said to the risk for morbidity and mortality in humans. The association of oxidative stress can be seen especially in the case of end-stage renal disease. This is likely to happen because there comes a reduction in the antioxidant system and an elevation in the pro-oxidant activity. Moreover with the development of kidney diseases malnutrition, inflammation, and endothelial dysfunction can be seen in the person. Kidney treatment by yoga can pacify all these conditions.

Inflammation during kidney diseases can make the condition worse and can hamper the results of the treatment. This can also elevate the chances of atherosclerosis. Moreover, another risk factor, the sympathetic tone can assist kidney disease progression and issues related to the cardiovascular system.

Psychological stress can make the life of human hectic and stressful. It somehow contributes to the disease. Depression during kidney disease is a very well-known example of psychological stress that can further result in situations like anemia and malnutrition. Last but not the least and not something that can be taken easily is the quality of life during kidney disease. Kidney treatment in Ayurveda and yoga can help in the soothing of this stress. Modern techniques and inventions might have developed tricks and formulas that can expand the life expectancy of the human but unfortunately, it has taken the life quality of the human down in the earth.

All these risk factors and issues during kidney disease can be tackled effectively with the help of kidney treatment by yoga.

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Risk factors and yoga

Yoga helps in defeating all these risk factors with its techniques. It can bring back the balance in the autonomic nervous system. With time, the efficiency of Ayurvedic kidney treatment with yoga is nothing that is under the veil. It can effectively produce varied psychological favors to humans and can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and can improve quality of life. We can say that kidney treatment by yoga is one comprehensive step to complex issues of kidney disease.

Yoga has the tendency to work on the sympathetic tone and can reduce the pulse rate of the patients along with systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Additionally, with the help of yoga, one can improve the parasympathetic tone and basal metabolic rate. In patients of diabetes, yoga postures help in the reduction of post-prandial, sugar levels, and cholesterol levels. This is how we can say that yoga can prevent people from the two major risk factors of kidney disease, diabetes, and hypertension.

Moreover, we all know that Ayurvedic kidney treatment with yoga helps in the reduction of psychological stress. The practices of yoga inhibit the areas that might be responsible for the aggressiveness, rage, fear, bliss, pressure, etc. This process of inhibition leads to lower heart rate, anxiety, and stress and calms the mind. Other benefits of kidney treatment by yoga involve the favors humans get from yoga to improve the status of antioxidants and reduce oxidative stress. It also reduces the BMIs and the glucose level in those who are also the sufferer of diabetes along with kidney disease.

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Thus we can say that Ayurvedic kidney treatment with yoga is a non-invasive, therapeutic, and cost-effective practice that can help in the betterment of physical and psychological issues during kidney disease.

Disclaimer:- The purpose of the content on this page is not to substitute any professional medical advice but to only provide information to the reader. If the reader is a kidney patient, we recommend not making any diet or routine changes without consulting his/her doctor or dietitian. For appointments, call at our 24×7 helpline: +91-9821929797 or visit www.karmaayurvedahospital.com.


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