Maximum level of Creatinine for Kidney Failure?

When a person’s kidney is damaged, then many toxins start increasing in the body, due to which the person has to face many physical problems.

When Creatinine starts increasing in the body and reaches only two to three levels above normal, people often feel that their kidney is now damaged by 40 to 50 percent.

But it is not so.

First, we have to understand that an increase in the level of Creatinine doesn’t mean that a person has kidney disease. Other factors combine with Creatinine, and then it is concluded that how much the kidney has been damaged.

Let us first know about Creatinine

Creatinine is the by-product of creatine that is created by our body. Production of Creatinine depends on muscle movement and the breakdown of protein by the process of metabolism. High creatinine level is an alarming situation for kidney damage. The creatinine of a healthy person ranges between 0.6-1.4 mg/dl.

Creatinine is among those dangerous substances that the kidneys should eliminate. And if these harmful substances are not eliminated, it can be life-threatening.

The increase in creatinine level alone does not cause kidney damage. Those whose tests can also be detected about kidney failure, but usually the increased levels of Creatinine and urea in test reports are considered enough to confirm kidney failure.

If a person’s Creatinine is increased and the urea level is normal, then it means that your kidney is not damaged and there may be other reasons due to which the level of creatinine has risen up. Due to this, Creatinine increases, but the kidney does not deteriorate.

Other reasons for an increase in Creatinine

The first reason for increasing Creatinine is more exercise, running, or doing any work that makes the body tired. It is often noticed that bodybuilders who intensively work out during their gym sessions and they also consume creatine as a supplement to give muscles an additional strength are more likely to have increased creatinine levels. Creatinine starts to increase rapidly, but with the help of diet and proper functioning of the kidney, Creatinine goes out of the body through urine.

The second reason is that due to high fever, cold, or any infection, the muscles also start making more Creatinine, and due to this, the Creatinine in the blood. In such a situation, the Creatinine increases only by one to two.

Another reason for the increase in Creatinine is the high intake of protein.

So these were the other reasons due to which the creatinine level increases. So kidney failure can be avoided.

Now let’s know how much Creatinine increases due to kidney failure?

When the urea level starts increasing along with the Creatinine that increases by more than 3, it is considered 60 to 70 percent kidney failure. After this, as the creatinine increases, so does the kidney failure stage.

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