Yoga and your Kidneys Health

Yoga and Ayurveda: A Holistic Combination of good Health and Vitality

Yoga and Ayurveda are not limited to asanas and medicinal plants, and they are the hidden treasures within the roots of India. They define the wonders of our Indian heritage as both of these holistic systems comprise the ways to better human life.

Yoga and Ayurveda are linked as they have had a connection since the dawn of civilization. Ayurveda has acquired its existence in mythological history; even in the holy books, it is stated that Ayurveda was used as the ancient medical science to treat ailments, wounds, or any type of issues within the human body. However, it is reliable to contemplate that Ayurveda is India’s natural treasure, and it has made its position in the medical world.

As we read in the blog piece on ayurvedic kidney management, the natural healing system of Ayurveda has not gone under the impacts of modernization, even in the dawn of the 22nd century. It is here as the ancient medicinal system and has been a permanent asset of the medical world.

On the other hand, the genesis of yoga dates back to mantra yoga, the age of Rigveda described as the ancient Vedic text that came five thousand years ago. The mantras stated by Rishis promote the spiritual art of yoga. Yoga is defined as the union having eccentric powers of consciousness within the universe. The history of yoga proves the fact that the spiritual art of yoga has expertise in unifying the mind, body, and soul.

The bottom line is that the amalgamation of yoga and Ayurveda can provide the passage towards extraordinary outcomes in terms of health. As we all know, the modern era introduced the age of deadly diseases that affected the whole balance of the human body. However, the combination of yoga and Ayurveda can deal with even significant diseases that hamper the kidneys.

In the previous blog piece, we read about how Ayurveda used dietary factors for kidney management. Now let’s get a closer look at how Ayurveda uses yoga for maintaining kidneys’ health.

Yoga: A friend or foe?

Kidneys are a significant component of your body that flushes out the toxins and maintains the whole equilibrium of the body. As we all know, we are in a time of pandemics where coronavirus has invaded worldwide, people have lost contact with outside physical activities. Nobody wants to risk their lives. But the adaptation of an unhealthy lifestyle to our continuous stay at home can bring us much closer to the side effects of having unhealthy kidneys.

But you can acquire a healthy lifestyle by adding yoga to your routine. The fundamental principles of Ayurvedic kidney treatment in yoga states that a person in possession of a healthy diet(ahar) and lifestyle (vihar-yoga) can acknowledge the positive impacts of having good health and liveliness in their life.

Yoga is a spiritual practice mixed with the efficiency of kriyas (cleansing techniques), asanas and pranayama. The holistic practice of asanas can help in contracting and massaging the kidneys. The asanas better the function of the kidneys. Pranayamas can manage the nervous system and relieve the mind from the stress caused by the ups and downs of unhealthy kidneys.

Kriyas are efficient cleansing techniques that assist in making the body toxin-free. By detoxifying the whole system of the kidneys, pranayama cleanses the blood by the prana(life energy) flow to every cell composed by the body. In simple words, yoga for kidney problems can help you acquire wellness. Aside from a healthy diet in Ayurveda, practising yoga can help reduce the risk of diagnosing significant medical conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes or any disease that have kidney damaging properties.

Yoga: A holy practice to enhance kidneys’ health

However, few yoga asanas can help in kidney management and activate their functioning rate. These asanas are associated with natural healing properties that work for the amelioration of kidneys’ health.

  • Salamba Bhujangasana – Sphinx pose
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana – Sitting half spinal twist
  • Bhujangasana – Cobra pose
  • Paschimottanasana- Two legged forward bend
  • Setu bandhasana- Bridge pose
  • Naukasana- Boat pose
  • Mandukasana- Frog pose
  • Shashankasana- hare pose
  • Vakrasana- Twisted pose
  • Yoga mudrasana- The psychic union pose
  • Ardha matsyendrasana- The half-fish pose
  • Gomukhasana- Cow face yoga pose
  • Pawanmuktasana- Gas release pose
  • Uttan padasana- The raised leg pose

These simple postures have numerous health benefits that can help keep kidneys healthy and active, along with the underlying pranayamas that are recommended as they eliminate the toxins out of the body and regulate blood pressure.

  • Kapalabhati
  • Anulom vilom
  • Bhramari
  • Bhastrika
  • Ujjayi pranayamas

A kidney patient can consider yoga for kidney problems as there are no side effects, and these asanas can bring a sense of activeness to the body. One can be freed from the tag of kidney patient as Ayurvedic kidney treatment in yoga has the solution for the problematic kidney conditions.

Disclaimer: The purpose of the content on this page is not to substitute any professional medical advice but to only provide information to the reader. If the reader is a kidney patient, we recommend not making any diet or routine changes without consulting his/her doctor or dietitian. For further advice, you can use this helpline: +91-9821929797 number or visit www.karmaayurvedahospital.com.


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