Yoga to curb depression

Depression is a state of mental illness or an advanced stage of anxiety and stress. It can occur in a person as a result of an emotional loss or a traumatic experience. Many consider it as a disease and treat like an untouchable disease. Apparently, it is not a contagious disease or a human to human transmission disease. However, a few doctors and psychologists ask everyone to consider it as similar to diabetes so that the people should start taking it seriously. It is a treatable disorder of a brain that dominates the functioning of human anatomy and makes the affected to do accordingly. There are many ways that can help an individual to come out of depression. Some prefer to stay alone while others prefer to stay in crowds. It personifies a particular character of a human being for a period of time. A few become violent and antagonistic while the others become friendly. This imbalance in the brain and aspirations of an individual can be curbed with the help of Yoga.

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How Yoga Helps in Managing Depression

Yoga is a disciplinary art of living that initiates the cells, tissues, and muscles in the human anatomy to work in a certain way. Yoga is a four-letter word that pulls off the ten letters word out of the body in no time. There are various Yoga Poses or Yoga Asana to deliver the best version of you by you and for you. In this blog, we will specifically discuss about how Yoga can cure the symptoms of depression and how beneficial it is to prevent psychological damage.

It is a universal truth that there are various ways of coming out of anything, any disease, and any event. So does this type of mental illness. People tend to have chosen methods as per their conscious. In depression, you may find people overeating, excessive eating of desserts, listening to music, staying outdoors, self-harming, etc. An examination has discovered that individuals with some psychological wellness analyze who routinely take part in genuinely dynamic Yoga are probably going to have less burdensome indications than the individuals who practice less regularly or participate in different types of mediation. The examination, distributed in The British Journal of Sports Medicine, unites the discoveries of an assortment of past investigations and layouts the worth that further research on the connection among yoga and emotional well-being issues would bring.

Depression is severe health affecting norm that develops severe symptoms. The significance of depression becomes evident when you start acting someone that is not you or not a part of you. It potentially controls the feelings, needs, and all day-to-day related activities. Depression not only controls the emotional factors but also creates physical issues too. It reduces the physical movements of an individual and makes them impaired.

Indicated by the Journal of Psychiatric Research, keeping the body physically active involves the psychological activities in meditation and Pranayam. Speaking of physically active, it depends on the person how hyperactive he is. It doesn’t mean that if he is strenuously doing an activity, then he can come out of depression. It may be a result of controlling events by the depression. Depression controls our subconscious mind and forces the consciousness to do accordingly.

The treatment of depression can be done with medication and psychic lectures, but if an affected person is ready to cure depression, then it is the most convenient way to pull the plug. But once you start with the journey of Yoga, you would need to stay optimistic and a sense of belief that you will be healed. The damage done to the body is reversible only when an individual starts the yoga sessions with confidence in Yoga. There is a saying that the pain is inevitable, but the sufferings are optional. Yoga heals the body in numerous aspects; psychologically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The ethics used in Yoga are healthy and are side-effect free. The conclusion would be as sweet as fruit if one persists on the ethics of Yoga for depression.

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Here is a list of yoga asana to cure the mental problem depression:

  • Shishuasana (Child Pose)
  • Halasana (Plow Pose)
  • Savasana Pose (Corpse Pose)
  • Setu Bandhana (Bridge Pose)
  • Bramari Pranayam (Humming Bee Breathing Exercises)
  • Nadi Shodhan Pranayam (Alternate Nostril Breathing Exercises)
  • Adho-Mukho Savasana (Downward-facing Dog Pose)
  • Prasarita Padottanasana (Wide-Angle Standing Forward Bend)
  • Urdhva Dhanurasana (Upward-Facing Bow Pose)
  • Salambha Sarvagasana (Shoulderstand)

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All these yoga asanas or yoga poses have been beneficial to cure the symptoms of depression. The body reacts to everything and anything that it goes through. It is us who need to take care of. Excessive stress and anxiety are some of the causes of organ-disease. These two are not only words and reach the advanced stages of depression, but meanwhile, they disrupt the functioning of internal organs such as the kidney, the heart, the liver, digestive system, etc.

To prevent all these losses, one must possess the healthy well-being of the internal organs. However, if you are already battling with some organ-disease for an instance kidney disease, then you might have to consult the doctor or a nephrologist before practicing either of the suggested yoga asanas. The Yoga for kidney problems may differ from the other bodily issues, and an Ayurvedacharya/Yogacharya can only tell which Yoga pose you should do to sustain the individual’s kidney health and mental health.

Kidneys are the sense organs that become the primary organ when facing adverse effects before any other organ in the body. Not only the manducating but the way you think and perceive the aspects of life also affects the functioning of kidneys during the Yogic treatment of depression.

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Disclaimer:- The purpose of the content on this page is not to substitute any professional medical advice but to only provide information to the reader. If the reader is a kidney patient, we recommend not making any diet or routine changes without consulting his/her doctor or dietitian. For appointments, call at our 24×7 helpline: +91-9821929797 or visit www.karmaayurvedahospital.com.


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